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It is an Antimicrobial Calcium Alginate wound dressing containing Silver. This dressing has shown to have broad spectrum Antimicrobial activity due to presence of Silver Ions.

Its reinforced properties promote Intact Removal, reducing trauma on removal with Minimal residues in the wound bed. It is designed to promote wound healing through its High Absorption Capacity, Moist Wound Healing Environment and Antimicrobial nature.

Key Features


Moist Wound Environment Promotes Healing
Intact Removal due to Wet Strength
High Absorbency

Enhanced Conformability

Mechanism of Action

  • Excess exudates from the wound are absorbed and gel formation by ion-exchange.
  • Kills the pathogens in the wound bed by releasing Silver Ions.

Ion Exchange

  • A highly soluble form of silver that kills a broad spectrum of pathogens, including MRSA and VRE.
  • It helps in control wound odour and provides a sustained antimicrobial barrier.

Antimicrobial Effectiveness

  • The unique dressing integration creates a soft gelling formula that conforms to the wound and is soft and pliable.
  • It Assists in controlling minor bleeding and provide excellent exudate management with greater absorbency.

Soft-Gelling Absorbency

  • The dressing integration and formula delivers high wet strength, which allows for use in wounds with undermining or tunnels.
  • Its Facilitates easy removal of moist dressing and ensures moist environment for optimal wound healing.

One-Piece Removal

Use Cases

Indicated for use on wounds that are Infected or are at Risk of Infection.

Venous Leg Ulcer​
Pressure Ulcer
Cavity Wound
Donor Site

How to use?

Always use the aseptic technique

Always use the Aseptic Technique

Clean and irrigate the wound

Clean and Irrigate the Wound

Folding make sure it fits the wound

Folding make sure it fits the Wound

Apply a secondary dressing

Apply a Secondary Dressing

Irrigate with Saline and Gently Peel Off

Remove the dressing slowlyand discard it

Remove the dressing Slowly and Discard It

Clinical Data

Antimicrobial Efficacy

  • This dressing demonstrate efficacy against a wide range of pathogens.
  • it is against commercially available silver dressings showed higher antimicrobial activity (Against S. aures and MRSA).

A – Entercoccus hirae, B – Bacillus subtillus, C – MRSA, D – Entercoccus faecalis,  E – Pseudmonas aeruginosa, F – Escherichia coli, G – Acinetobacter baumannii


KOTSZR CA+Ag dressings have demonstrated greater absorbency compared to other commercially available silver dressings.

• Good Exudate Management promotes positive healing progression of the wound.

Tensile Strength

  • KOTSZR CA+Ag dressings show 5x more strength when compared to other commercially available silver dressings.
  • It aids in better ease of application at the wound site.

Wet Tensile Strength

KOTSZR CA+Ag dressings have significantly higher wet tensile strength when compared to other commercially available silver dressings.

• It aids in easy, trauma-free removal of dressings from wound site.

A – Aquacel is a registered trademark of ConvaTec | C – Durafiber is a registered trademark of Smith & Nephew
B – Aquacel Extra is a registered trademark of ConvaTec Inc. | D – Exufiber is a registered trademark of Mölnlycke

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Product Information

Product – KOTSZR CA+Ag

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